14+ Dry Brush Halloween Nails

14+ Dry Brush Halloween Nails. No surprise here, but it is halloween time again. We called upon the dry brushing gods — aka the experts — to find out the pros of using the tool on your nail beds, plus other common areas you never thought about.

Dry Brush Nails With Striping Tape | Nails, Striped nails ...
Dry Brush Nails With Striping Tape | Nails, Striped nails … from i.pinimg.com

Lightly push tape/stencils to remove extra nail polish from your skin and cuticles by using a flat brush dipped in acetone or nail. Add a vertical stripe to the center of the eye to create a pupil. First, we painted madeline's nail all white.

This may take some time to pull off since you need to wait for each layer of color to dry up completely before proceeding to the next but it's going to be fun when you see the results.

File your nails into the desired shape, push back your cuticles — do not cut them! Repeat step 3 with the second colour (and then the third). Dark nail art with skull accent. Apply nail polish on your nails and wait until completely dry.

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